Our aircraft is available to our members from £125 per tacho hour (on our "gold" tariff) incl. fuel and VAT. There are no landing fees for our aircraft at Rochester.  The aircraft is well equipped including 2 VOR/ILS, DME, Transponder (with ADS-B out; we hope soon to add ADS-B in) and panel mounted GPS (Garmin's touch screen GTN 650).


We use Skytrek premises and their booking system when we want to fly.  That's why our members also have to be members of Skytrek.  In effect Skytrek operate our aircraft on our behalf.

Members wishing to take the aircraft for overnight trips may do so at Board discretion.  See our rules/principles for such flying trips. 


For dual training flights e.g. towards a "restricted instrument" rating (IR/R or the old term IMC Rating) or night flying, Skytrek charge £60 incl VAT per brakes off/on hour for their instructor and administration. As training is logged from brakes being released to re-applied, our tacho rate is adjusted to a brakes off/on fee of £104.  This means that dual flying in our aircraft costs from as little as £164 brakes on/off hour (gold rate). (Please see our flying rates page for full details of our various rates.)

We are fortunate to have a highly experienced CSFC member who holds a Class Rating Instructor (CRI) qualification.  He is often available for check rides.   

Our host club and PAFRA (Pilots And Friends of Rochester Airfield) organise flyouts and various social events throughout the year.  Many of the events are open to family and friends.  

The airfield is relatively informal and is home to an interesting mix of aircraft from helicopters to microlights. and Autogyros. There is an aircraft preservation company, a cafe, a model aircraft shop, as well as a Petrol Pump Museum! The Kent and Sussex Air Ambulance are based at the Airport.  See links for more detail.