Membership & Flying Rates for 2022.  


Standard membership

£25 a year

Existing PPL holders fly @ £147 + VAT = £176.40 per tacho hour*


Pilot training is conducted by our hosts at Rochester - Skytrek Flying School.  As a member of CSFC you may opt to learn on our aircraft as shown opposite.  It's a 4-seater so bigger, heavier and slightly more complicated than the 2-seat aircraft normally used for training.  However some larger individuals may find it more comfortable than the 2-seaters.  Cost is another factor with larger aircraft typically being more expensive than smaller models.

You may choose to learn with Skytrek (rather than via CSFC) using their fleet.  You should check with them but at the time of writing their dual rate in a C-152 was £195 fully inclusive for a brakes off/on hour.  They have two such aircraft, plus an aerobatic version and a couple of other C-172s.  


CSFC's flying rate for student pilots in our aircraft is £157.20 incl VAT.  This is a brakes off/on hour to coincide with the entries in a student's log book.  ADDITIONALLY Skytrek will levy a fee for their instructor plus administration of the training.  This is currently £63 per brakes off/on hour (incl VAT).


The total for a 1 hour (brakes off/on) lesson (using the CSFC aircraft but Skytrek training facilities) is therefore £220.20.       

*tacho hour = time measured on the aircraft's rev counter or tachometer