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Historical updates (by Tony Stigle).

Not relevant to site visitors

(Tony Stigle, the designer on the Wix platform, was very professional and tracked his main amendments.  Laurie, the current owner, has not been recording changes, but may do so when happy with the overall site.) 

Update  25th May 18.00 hours

Google maps adjusted to HTML frame as Rochester Airport UDA! was showing up on some platforms.

Update  25th May 15.30  hours

1) School instruction fee’ and ‘per hour’ at the end  amended on both Golds and Standard membership.

2) The Civil Service Flying Club etc etc  added to all the pages

3) Explination of tachometer on the rates page.

4) improved explination of the Gold and standard membership.

Pages added

1) Gold Scheme Information and Rules page added

2) Deduct CSSCmembership from pay for added

3) Exisiting members CSSC form for deduction of pay to join CSFC

4) New members CSSC form for deduction of pay to join CSFC

5)What is the CSSC

Update  24th May

1) This update page added

2) Names of pilots corrected.

3) Rates pages changed

4) Mobile version some photos not visable to assist with thime/ data use

5) PDF added to " Who can join"

6 )and a few other bits!

Update prior to 24th May  were not logged.

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