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CSFC "Gold" membership

£600 a year (may be paid at £50 a month for a full 12 months)"Gold" members commit to a full year in the scheme, with renewals also being for a full year.

PPL "Gold" flying costs £159.60 per Tacho hour incl VAT. 

(A "tacho hour" is measured by the engine rev counter or tachometer.)

PILOT TRAINING is conducted by our hosts at Rochester - Skytrek Flying School - but lessons may be taken in our C-172 aircraft as shown opposite.  It's a 4-seater so its extra size and seat adjustments mean that many may find it more comfortable than the 2-seaters often used for training.  Furthermore, as it's the aircraft you will fly with us when you have your licence, overall it can be a more effective learning platform (than a 2-seat C-152).

Student "Gold" lessons (in our CSFC aircraft) cost £154.20 incl VAT.

  N.B. (i)   Student flying is from brakes off to brakes on

  N.B. (ii)  In addition to the flying rate (aircraft hire) there      is a fee payable to Skytrek to cover the instructor plus the      administration of the training.  This is currently £60 per        brakes off/on hour and includes VAT.

Therefore the total student "Gold" cost per brakes off/on hour = £214.20 incl VAT.


Alternatively you may choose to learn direct with Skytrek (rather than via CSFC) using their fleet of C-152s.  You should check with them, but at the time of writing their training rate in a C-152 was £250 fully inclusive per brakes off/on hour.  They have several such aircraft (plus another C-172).  So learning in our C-172  is currently MUCH!! cheaper than going direct to Skytrek and using their C-152s.  Choosing G-WACW via our Gold scheme is a no-brainer!    

 Gold Scheme Information and Rules


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