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Gold Membership Scheme - Information and Rules

PPL Gold Membership and Student Gold Membership is a scheme to provide all club members with an option for flying at a lower hourly rate in exchange for a higher annual subscription.


2  PPL Gold Membership or Student Gold Membership does not infer or confer any different status or privileges to any club member beyond the appropriate Gold subscription and flying rates.


3  The CSFC Committee reserve the right to change the subscription rate and/or the flying rates at any time deemed necessary by the Committee.


4  Any dispute which may arise in the running of the Scheme, or in the interpretation of any associated rules, shall be settled by the decision of the CSFC Committee, which decision shall be final and binding.




5  The Gold scheme is based on enjoying its beneficial flying rates for a FULL YEAR.  The scheme can only be joined for a full year at a time.  The cost to become a Gold (or student Gold) member is £600.  CSFC may allow this to be paid at £50 per month by standing order – for a minimum of 12 months.  Renewing Gold membership after the first year will be on the same basis for a FULL YEAR.


6  As Gold membership is a contract between the CSFC and the member for a year, subscriptions are non-refundable and therefore become club funds on receipt by the club. 


7  There may be exceptional or other circumstances which are not anticipated within these rules.  The CSFC Committee reserve the right to add, amend or adapt these rules as needed or believed appropriate and as in para 4 above, the Committee’s decision in such cases will be final and binding.


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